Saturday 15 June 2013

H.P. Gone Mad

Charles Moore’s article in the Telegraph is the topic of a thread on Harry’s Place.

Sarah AB says:
those who think it’s bad, full stop, and those who think it’s pretty bad, but perhaps raises issues which need to be addressed. 
I’m confused. Where has she seen these views expressed? Certainly not in the BTL comments, which are predominantly from people agreeing with Moore and expressing their gratitude for seeing the piece in the MSM at last.

Charles Moore says:
"It (EDL) does not – officially at least – support violence. It is the instinctive reaction of elements of an indigenous working class which rightly perceives itself marginalised by authority, whereas Muslim groups are subsidised and excused by it. "

Sarah AB says: But if the indigenous working class feels marginalised, I don’t think it’s helpful to suggest this is all the fault of Muslims. And Muslims (whether working class or not) may, if they look at certain tabloids for example, feel marginalised too, on occasion.”

Why does Sarah AB think Moore suggests that the fact that the working class feel marginalised is “all the fault of the Muslims? “ 
As far as I can see, he never suggested that at all. He clearly said that an indigenous working class perceive themselves to be marginalised  - i.e. not deemed worth listening to  - by authority. He contrasts this with the fact that “the authorities” are falling over themselves to listen to Muslim groups. 
The indigenous working class EDL’s primary grievance stems from their understandable objection to the nature of their home towns, particularly Luton, being changed out of all recognition. That is certainly because of the overwhelming Muslim influx, which is the fault of the “authorities” as well as the militant, political, proselytizing element that is responsible for casting such a shadow over their lives. 
The blame falls on all of us for their marginalisation. It’s everyone’s fault that this has been allowed to happen, especially with the media being intimidated and the government being paralyzed and intimidated. 
 We’re all guilty of marginalising people like Tommy Robinson. Everyone is afraid of being associated with the EDL or being seen to defend him in case they’re accused of racism, like some sort of leprosy. That’s why they feel marginalised, and Charles Moore hasn’t said anything to make me think he doesn’t know this. So if anyone’s being unhelpful, it’s you really, Sarah AB.

Of course the poor Muslims feel marginalised on occasion, and they very well should be. They’re the architects of their own marginalisation if you like. This is the UK, not Isbloodylamabad.

Does Sarah AB think working class lads have no right to object when their ‘manor’ is virtually occupied by an alien culture? Middle classes are up in arms all the time when they’re threatened with a new Tesco for goodness sake, organising petitions and marches and raising objections here there and everywhere. They’re usually listened to, are they not?   They’re taken seriously. “Save the high street!” they cry, and no-one criticises them for wanting to preserve the nature of their manor. 

We need to listen to the EDL properly and stop trying to make them go away by dismissing them as far right, or extremists, or hooligans, or lazily umping them together with the BNP.

“But overall Moore shows no interest in or engagement with those liberal/left voices (Muslim and non-Muslim) who are trying to tackle the problems of extremism”

Concludes Sarah AB. There she goes again. People who believe voting labour gifts them the keys to the moral high ground, and people who think they occupy the moral high ground by separating extremists from ‘good muslims’  ignore the fact that many people think there’s a ‘blurry line’ between the two.

If it’s racist and Islamophobic to criticise Islam, what’s a virtuous moralising person to do when they can’t but notice incidents such as the day-light slaughter of “Drummer Rigby” ? They're forced to concede that there is a problem. Unable to admit it’s a fundamental problem with Islam, the focus turns to “tackling the problem of *Extremism*" a handy euphemism which immunizes one against catching Islamophobia or the dreaded full-blown racism. 

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