Monday 29 December 2014

Freedom of Speech

If you haven’t already done so, I’d recommend spending some time (it’s quite long) watching Tommy Robinson’s speech at the Oxford Union.

Although I’d already seen most of the clips he used to illustrate his talk, they’re still powerful. The Stacey Dooley one stands the test of time. (I wrote about that documentary “My Hometown Fanatics”  on B-BBC. (Feb 28th 2012) ) Of course the clip that Tommy cherry picked was the bit where Luton’s most objectionable Islamists were out in force, ignoring Stacey Dooley’s annoying attempts at even-handedness, as well as a comedic  - perhaps unintentional - moment when the camera lingered on a huge slice of cake, untouched, that had been set before a young lady peering at it through two holes in her black full-faced burka. How on earth is she going to eat that? Viewers were not to find out.  

Other clips he used to illustrate his talk included statements from people intimidated and victimised by Muslims, a punch in the face through a car window from an enraged Muslim in a nightie, and the film about Tommy and cousin Kevin's ‘charity march’, which shows atrociously ham-fisted policing that resulted in the aggressors being protected and the victims arrested. 

The entire speech was constrained by ‘prison licence’ restrictions, which decree that Tommy Robinson must not mention certain things on pain of being rearrested and returned to custody.
 True to form, the usual suspects objected to the very idea that Robinson should be given a platform to declaim his fascist views. (!)

From the Gates of Vienna site
As reported here last month, Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, was sent back to prison for 28 days. The ostensible reason for renewing his incarceration was that he had reported via Twitter that there had been death threats against his family. Considering that his original prison sentence had been for “mortgage fraud”, jugging him again on the Twitter pretext to demonstrates the political nature of his prosecution and imprisonment.
Mr. Robinson believes that he was returned to prison to keep him for participating in a debate at the Oxford Union on October 24, at which he had been invited to speak. Now that he is out, he is preparing to take part in this month’s Oxford Union debate, despite the fact that he might be sent back to prison for doing so.We just received this brief report from a source close to Tommy Robinson:Tommy Robinson was released from prison (again) on Friday 14th November, and appeared in court on Monday 17th November.After he was released, we re-arranged Tommy’s debate at the Oxford Union for the 26th November. Tommy was visited by the Probation Services and informed that if he attends this debate, he is not allowed to talk about Islam, Mohammed, or the Koran. If he does he will be recalled to prison.Tommy is still determined to go and explain why he cannot debate certain subjects, and express his concerns that his freedom of speech is being silenced with the threat of prison when NONE of the above topics relate to his ‘mortgage fraud’. Tommy feels that this is the way they are going to handle things now to try and silence him.Please help us make as many people as possible aware of the games that the government are playing in an attempt to keep him from speaking out.
The double standards of a crazy mixed-up judicial and governmental system that bans people from entering the UK who they fear might incite racial hatred or social unrest by speaking against radical Islam, yet protects or ignores the likes of Anjem Choudary, apparently a state-funded individual,   who calls for Sharia law and instigates civil disobedience in the name of  disdain for the UK and the infidels who live there.

Tommy Robinson, sporting an extreme Kim Jong-un haircut, spoke instead about ‘the original reason for initiating the EDL’. The fact that this necessitated mentioning Islam has probably not gone unnoticed, so we’ll have to see if he stays out of prison.

There has been a great deal of discussion about freedom of speech recently. People are up in arms about North Korea’s sour reaction to the film industry’s comical portrayal of their dear leader and the subsequent 'hackmailing' activities. Silencing Tommy could be seen as a step towards the thin end of a similar wedge. Even the squeamish Sarah AB seems to be wondering about  that.

Even though he stumbles over the occasional word, Tommy is undeniably eloquent. He definitely got the better of Jeremy Paxman on at least a couple of occasions.

The discussion on the Harry’s Place thread, mainly around Sarah AB’s agonising over whether or not Tommy Robinson is against radical Islam (a good thing) or Islam per se. (bad) Since no-one agrees on what is or isn’t the real Islam, this is a slippery concept, which cannot definitively be grasped.
Tommy has certainly been at pains to explain that he’s not against all Muslims in the best ‘some of my best friends are etc.’ tradition, but some commenters remain unconvinced, and others are against Islam in all its guises, if for no other reason than its inherent antisemitism. Which is quite a different matter from saying one hates all Muslims.

But you’re not allowed to say stuff like that these days. 

Unfortunately they haven’t yet released the Q and A session that followed the speech, but I understand that they intend to do so eventually. 
Tommy was clear, throughout the speech, that he was trying to persuade the audience to put themselves in the shoes of a  native Lutonite, and I think it was quite obvious that he doubted any of that particular audience would find that at all easy. The questions they asked might have shed more light on that., and it’s a pity that he felt he needed to spend so much time explaining - justifying- the EDL, because the nitty gritty is not so much the justification of the EDL or Quilliam, but the disturbing effect that mass Muslim immigration and the establishment's pandering to it is having on Britain. I hope the Oxford students aren’t too PC to recognise this.


  1. The BBC shares some responsibility for creating this toxic atmosphere. They worked as hard as anyone - with Andrew Neil as bad as any of them - in character assassination against Robinson rather than address the issues he raised, helping to stifle a much-needed debate.

    I'm surprised the Oxford Union even allowed him to appear. US universities have been censoring a number of non-Left speakers thanks to student and faculty protests. Credit to them, unless they did a Question Time ambush on him.

    Aside from that, I imagine Robinson is now disliked by a number of people at B-BBC for saying he isn't against all Muslims, full stop.

  2. As David says above, I too was surprised that Tommy was allowed to speak.
    Which shows how bad things have got, when a man can`t give his own testimony about how he got to found the EDL.
    It`s a devastating account of what has happened to a hitherto-unremarkable town within commuting distance of London...and it rings 100% true to me.
    The fit-up when he tries to do a charity walk, and gets arrested for letting a provocateur hit him was the highlight-and shows how craven, how perverse and broken-backed our "two-tier" legal system has become in the service of Islamic supremacy...truly shocking.
    Thank God for Tommy...I don`t have to agree with much of what he says, apart from the fact that the system in cahoots with Islam and its useful shills at the BBC want him dead...this must not stand.
    Like Nick Griffin, he`s never been thanked for shining a "Searchlight" onto Rotherham or Rochdale/Blackburn...which tells you what side the BBC and the Guardian quislings are truly on.
    Savile just had a peroxide many other ways, the BBS still approve of him.

  3. It wasn't until the EDL started protesting that the police took action against the grooming gangs. With the EDL's demise it appears the police have backed off again.
    1400 raped in Rotherham and just 6 arrests?

    1. I think actually it pre-dated the EDL. It was when Labour became concerned about the effect of the "rise of the right" on its core vote that the police investigations were set in train. It was such an obviously political move as it happened simultaneously across the country.


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