Friday 27 March 2015

Rumble in jungle


I suppose we ought to mention the rumble in the jungle. I disagree with whoever it was that declared Paxo the winner.
 I thought he was hopeless. The aggressive approach that’s suppose to ruffle feathers and stimulate passion only creates defensiveness and a kind of special politician’s brand of inhibition. Instead of drawing out potential, it kills it off.  Hell yes.
So after all that evasiveness and defensiveness, we’re none the wiser. Kay Burley got a thorough pasting on the interweb. Yes, she does resemble a cat.

The only thing worth just mentioning - in my humble, not very impressed opinion - was a superfluous debriefing in the BBC’s ‘spin room’.
They interviewed  a small cluster of Labour supporters and Nigel Farage. “What did you think of it so far?” they asked people like Dan Hodges and Kevin Maguire. “Rubbish” came the reply.   “Who came across best?“ Ed’s passion, apparently.
They must have been watching a different programme from the one I watched. 
After the Labour-luvvies plus the Ukip leader had given their verdicts, along came William Hague, and suddenly something went wrong with the sound.  


  1. Small clusters. What we do without them?

    I'm sure there is a cleverer way to do this, but here's a brief exchange I had today with a very honest and helpful BBC staff member who answered everything I wanted to know:


    BBC Radio 4 Today ‏@BBCr4today
    What did TV viewers make of last night's leaders' questions? @BBCMatthewPrice asked voters in Lincoln - Toddlebox!

    @BBCr4today @BBCMatthewPrice As a matter of interest, did the BBC 'select' these 'viewers' & run their answers through the edit filter too?

    Matthew Price ‏@BBCMatthewPrice
    yes. They were chosen from a list of regular contributors at radio Lincolnshire. We tried to find a varied group.

    Since the debate was 90mins long I did of course edit their responses. I hope they feel it's a fair representation


    A hope shared by all, no doubt.

    I have not listened to it yet, but do note the time stamp at 3hrs ago.

    Given my question was around 7hrs ago, it would seem that some further editing may have taken place; whether for further time or fairness improvements as yet unclear.

    1. Being very fair, having now watched, it seems fair to say that this small, Lincolnshire sample was not perhaps representative of how the BBC as a whole... 'called it'. I wish Matthew well.


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