Monday 5 December 2016

Islam is not feminist enough

I have not read the 199 page Casey Review, but I know some people who have. Well, I assume the BBC have. Has.

This morning the BBC were still in a seemingly never-ending loop, obsessing about sexual abuse in football, while Sky News wheeled in Haras Rafiq and Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra to discuss the matter. But it was short and sweet. Rafiq looked disconcerted when ‘time ran out’ before he was able to finish a point. I can’t remember what was said, but it was largely a case of Muslims wondering why the British expected Muslims to adapt to the British, rather than the other way round. They couldn’t quite understand the problem. It baffled them.

Not to worry, a little later, the BBC was on the Casey; that is Dame Casey herself appeared, followed by some extremely defensive Muslims.

Let’s just recap. When the debate about mass immigration first raised its head in public, people couched their concerns in the only terms they could, to avoid being (or being seen to be) racist. Surely, they asked each other, there’s nothing racist about objecting to mass immigration as long as we stick to the rules. That is, we do it in terms of numbers - especially as we’re already struggling to house, employ and educate our own. Charity begins at home, does it not? A-a-a- am I being racist?

“In order to cope with immigration at the current rate, this country needs to build a new house every few minutes.  The ‘housing shortage’ in Britain is talked about as though it is a native phenomenon – as though the British people just keep needing more and more houses.  In fact we only need to keep building on green-belt land and covering over our beautiful countryside with new houses because we keep importing more and more people.  Why do we do this?  Why do we need to keep doing it?  What is the cultural enrichment that we failed to get from the first few million Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants which we will only be able to really enjoy from the next few million?”

As if all that weren’t bad enough, there’s the underlying problem - that shamefaced ‘stranger in my own town’ feeling, which was swept under the very rug that people felt was being pulled from under their feet. Whole neighbourhoods transformed. People walking round in strange and alienating garb. Out with familiarity and its concomitant sense of security and in with uncertainty and not being quite sure what it all amounts to or where it's going.

Eventually everyone was talking openly - about numbers. Pressure on schools, surgeries, wages. In other words they spoke about mass immigration alright, but strictly in terms of anything but you know what. Unspoken, but ominously present and jumbo sized — i.e., creeping Islamisation and the BBC’s relentless attempts at normalising all those regressive cultural abnormalities.  Also, the persistent promotion of diversity and the denigration of anything dangerously resembling patriotism.

Even when the grooming scandal broke, and even when the Trojan Horse affair hit the headlines, still, full and frank debate about Muslim immigration was hobbled by political correctness and the ever present fear of being outed as a racist.

Now it looks as if Dame Louise Casey has fallen victim to a very similar type of deflection. Or perhaps it’s merely the BBC’s (and Sky’s) selective spin. They’ve homed in on the one aspect of the report with which they’re pretty sure there will be no dissent. It’s women’s lib. The feminist angle. 

They’re actually criticising Islam, but not for its homophobia, nor for its appalling antisemitism. Not for its medieval attitude to practically everything, including apostasy and blasphemy. No, it’s the one thing they feel sure everyone will approve of. That a woman needs the permission of a man to do anything remotely independent. They even pretend it’s only Muslim men who are at fault, when although the religion itself is indeed fatally misogynistic and patriarchal, many Muslim women are usually just as dictatorial, rigid and unforgiving when it comes to enforcing all that mumbo jumbo they like to live by.

This goes to show that even when someone comes near to the crux of the matter, they deflect at the very last moment and retreat to a position of safety. The safe space. "We’re not racists. It’s just that Islam is not feminist enough, and anyway the country is full." 
Well, they’re quite right. Islam is not feminist enough and the country is full, but that’s not what scares me most about mass Muslim immigration.

See? I’m openly Islamophobic. maybe I should be a football fan after all. I’m ‘racist’  and that’s the way I like it.


  1. We usually get told that immigration brings us economic benefits yet Casey is telling us that essentially the Muslim women don't contribute, (i.e. non-working), and the men do low-paid jobs as taxi drivers, (yet two taxi drivers near me have bought houses that they have extended up, sideways and backwards and they have '66' Range Rovers on the driveways).
    The BBC managed to find an indignant Muslim woman who insisted that they were integrated, despite not speaking the language. I think she probably meant embedded. Certainly as far as the BBC are concerned Muslims can do no wrong. I can't say that I have noticed a similar concern for other peoples and no, as a non-Jew, I don't think you are being paranoid.

  2. Well it would be an enormous break through if the BBC admitted that Islam was just the tiniest bit far from perfect in it's attitudes towards women. I have not forgotten or yet forgiven the BBC for the Woman's Hour programme earlier this year which (eventually) discussed the Colognes New Year's attacks and managed to have all four women present blame it on "men".

  3. Mass immigration relates to a number of issues - population growth, environmental impact, economic effects, diversity, multiculturalism, loyalty and ideology. The BBC likes to pretend it's all plus, good or even doubleplusgood. As far as they are concerned the only problem area is the minority of old and under-educated people who are frightened by change for the better and feel "left behind". (Copyright 2016 Mark Easton).

    As regards Islam, to frame the debate in terms of integration is really just to create a lot of space for an MB-controlled "taqiyyah" operation. The focus should be on what is the attitude to Sharia. Which parts of Sharia do its followers wish to see imposed in the UK?

  4. I know I’m being obtuse, but you are not Islamophobic. Your concerns are entirely rational.


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