Sunday 26 February 2017

Another question

Here are some of the answers he's received so far:
  • "I'm calling for..." said 4 times in a 2 minute slot, tells you all. She should not be discussing the papers, BBC. 
  • Very easily. The BBC. Always available to self-publicists wishing to overturn democratic ballots. This is what we do.
  • Anyone might suspect that the BBC has an agenda.
  • To be fair, paper review segments often do this. I agree it's bad practice.
  • I think you find it's called "bias" You weren't expecting impartiality were you?

Update: Talking of Dan Hodges, his running Twitter commentary on Baroness Chakrabarti's performances on this morning's Andrew Marr show was worth the Twitter fee in its own right:
  • Shami Chakrabarti. Just the person to reach out to the lost working-class voters of Copeland.
  • At what point is Shami Chakrabarti going to mention the responsibility of the Labour leader for the performance of the Labour party?
  • "Time to unite", says Shami Chakrabarti. Two minutes after attacking Peter Mandelson.
  • Now Shami Chakrabarti is saying Storm Doris was a factor.
  • Remember folks, this is the woman who produced the "independent" report on labour anti-semitism...
  • There is no single-individual - not even Corbyn - who is a better symbol of what is wrong with the Labour party than Shami Chakrabarti.
  • Shami Chakrabarti literally blamed everyone in the Labour party for the Copeland defeat except the leader of the Labour Party.
Watching her performance did make me wonder how on earth she ever managed to win a case as a lawyer.

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  1. "Time to unite", says Shami Chakrabarti. Two minutes after attacking Peter Mandelson.

    She's actually right to do that, though. But she's not a symbol of what's wrong with the Labour party, really. She's a symbol of what's wrong with politics in general. Diane Abbott is more of a symbol of what's wrong with Labour.


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