Sunday 26 February 2017

"Language matters"

Nick Robinson is unhappy again, this time with the Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

What got her into trouble with Nick today was saying the following on Peston:
Unfortunately, fake news is settling out there. The fact is, we took 8,000 children last year in to this country and settled them. Three thousand arrived unaccompanied and illegally and have been settled here. These numbers are large.


  1. So no problem with her saying that those children arrived illegally, and were settled in anyway. In other words, the BBC's story is that the Government isn't bringing in enough illegal immigrants? How is that not a political stance?

  2. Nick's luck with social media matches his competence.

    He decided to tease a bunch of luvvies on their organisational abilities but forgot that there no edit suite controls on twitter.


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