Saturday 14 October 2017

We have to talk about Iran

Times lead story

If British intelligence claimed that Russia had launched a cyber attack on the UK's parliament I suspect that it would be a lead story on the BBC, with much fulmination from studio guests. Today both the Times and the Guardian are reporting (after independently verifying the story) British intelligence's claims that Iran launched a cyber attack on the UK's parliament over the summer, hacking the emails of dozens of MPs (an event that was originally blamed on Russia), and yet - despite other media outlets also taking up the story - it looks as if the BBC is no rush to report it. The BBC reported on the cyber attack at the time. Why not follow it up now?

Update (15/10): And, yes, the BBC did eventually get round to reporting this too, sometime around 6 o'clock yesterday evening

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  1. Hmmm...definitely not part of the Narrative. So they will ignore, obfuscate, omit, misrepresent to ensure this factual news does no damage to the Narrative.


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