Saturday 9 December 2017

Who cares?

Among the plethora of BBC reports about President Trump's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem there's a video report headlined Why British Jews care about Jerusalem

Now, of course, that's not actually true (fake news!), but there is a video report from the BBC headlined Why British Muslims care about Jerusalem


  1. This is all over BBC social media (the one neither the BBC or OFCOM can or will tell me whom it is that oversees) too.

    Suffice to say comments have tended to be polarised, especially once getting to BBC World.

    I decided to steer clear, as those from the religion of peace suggested that was perhaps a safer option.

    I did ask the BBC if this was the precedent for all sorts of future diaspora-related cares. Or just a selected few.

    No answer.

    1. Katy is now asking questions too.

      I wonder if the BBC will stay mute, or save up a few moments on next week's Newswatch to explain that they simply have no time to ask everyone everything, and hence tend to only ask one set of folk how upset they are again this time?

    2. It's frightening...but I am pleased it is being shown. Normally the BBC keep a tight lid on this sort of stuff...they only let us see bakeathon fake followers or secularised virtual followers.


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