Saturday 27 October 2018

Not mocking the afflicted

As a great man used to say, oooh noo, please, it's wicked to mock the afflicted! 

And he's right of course, missus. Those #FBPE sufferers who gather on Twitter, for example, shouldn't be tittered at, for they are truly afflicted. 

So when I shine ITBB's mighty spotlight (a £1.99 torch from ASDA) on the following #FBPE tweet I'm only doing it for the poor man's good and not for reasons of mockery:

That said, I'm chortling at him praising The Now Show's "coverage" of Brexit. 

That suggests to me that this week's The Now Show was very biased against Brexit. Shall I (probably) waste half an hour and find out? 

Yes, I will. And, yes, it was. Very.

Poor "remarkably resilient" Mrs May! 

Darn her "public school boy bullies" critics on the Conservative pro-Brexit Right! 

Darn Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell for not joining the People's Vote March! 

And here's something about the alarm at the horrible prospect of No-Deal from all those reasonable people being so reasonable about the horrors of No-Deal (reasonable voice from Hugh, or Steve, whichever)

Ah yes, and an entire routine slagging off "proud Brexiteer" and "creep" and "dirtbag" James Dyson over Brexit! (Nice!).

No wonder Nick #FBPE thought it fair and reasonable "coverage" of Brexit!

Radio 4 comedy at its most Radio 4 I think.

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