Sunday 16 December 2018

BBC Sports Personality of the Year

I don't know what made me switch channels to BBC One's BBC Sports Personality of the Year tonight but I immediately stumbled on People's Vote advocate Paloma Faith singing, and then heard a BBC announcer ordering the audience to "give it up" for the BBC's three (ubiquitous) presenters, Gary Lineker, Clare Balding and Gabby Logan. As Soviet-style banally-rhythmic clapping erupted, the camera briefly alighted on Morecambe's very own Gypsy King Tyson Fury not clapping but frowning, and looking unenthusiastically at his watch. (No BBC brown-noser him!). I laughed and then turned off.

P.S. Inevitable joke:


  1. Oh dear. Looking on the bright-ish side, at least it's not Lily Allen.

    Exhausted by the effort to listen to a programme on BBC 4 through all the extraneous noise of plinking, crashing and clanking over the presenter, I couldn't take any more BBC, even out of curiosity to know the oh so secret list of nominees.

  2. So far as I could see the winner did not tick any of the boxes so doubtless there will be a crisis meeting in Salford tomorrow.

  3. SPOTY is the epitome of Article 50 in the Festive Fifty - Bias by absorption. The BBC does not bid for primary broadcast rights of most of the mainstream sports - F1, Premiership Football and Rugby, Cycling etc, yet pretend to embrace the same sports in this programme, and onto which they attach all the PC ideology for inclusivity etc. I'm surprised Tyson Fury attended. He looked bored out of his skull.

    1. The three sports cycling, F1 and Premiership Football accounted for the top three award winners. Also, other popular sports, horse racing, golf, boxing, cricket etc are not regularly covered on the BBC - unless a PC twist can be imagined, such as 'Street Cricket', and women's equivalents, the latter of which is given a wholly disproportionate amount of coverage.


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