Monday 6 May 2019


Apologies for the Gif - I'll delete it when it gets too annoying  (soon)

Oh well. I was defeated by another of those flibbery-flabbery endings and had *literally* dozed off during the middle of the extended series-finale of the BBC’s soporific drama LoD. What had I missed?  

I turned to one of the Guardian’s best features - their “recaps”, which not only explain baffling plots to the dazed and confused, but critique entire productions, with the added bonus of readers’ comments. 

It was noted that the inspirational last-minute ‘save-the-day’ denouement involving a Morse-coded hand-signal from a dying man, belatedly deduced from a still screen-shot, indicated that D.S. Arnott definAtely has supernatural powers. (Echoes of Agatha Christie)

The revelation of the identity of “H”, or “Haitch" as D.S. Whassername enunciated it, was not forthcoming, and apparently non-existent. (I think)  Full explanation (?) here.

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