Wednesday 7 August 2019

Evan ponders

Question time.

Citing a tweet and a piece (with the secondary title 'Neutrality gets us Nowhere') from one Jonathan Lis, a blogger on a pro-EU site called British Influence ["British Influence champions a strong UK closely and constructively engaging with EU and wider world. Hard Brexit threatens our health, wealth and reputation"] - a site co-founded by conspiracy theorist Peter Jukes - the BBC's Evan Davis is wondering aloud tonight (on Twitter) whether it's not time now to start calling President Trump "far right".

It's a question that clearly matters to him:

Well, here's another interesting, key question - this time for Evan: 

Why doesn't the BBC label Jeremy Corbyn "far left" and "antisemitic"?


  1. I think we all are gradually getting to the position that the BBC has to be abolished...some more reluctantly than others but that is really the only place we can end up as the evidence piles up and is now of Everest proportions. Last night we had Emily Maitlis clearly genuinely believing there was going to be mass starvation if no deal Brexit takes place.

    These people have lost contact with reality. Given their whole job is to report on reality, they have to go en masse in one fell swoop. No more BBC.

    Why doesn't Evan Davis label Jess Phillips as "extreme anti-democrat" - she wants the Electoral Commission to vet all parliamentary candidates to ensure they meet her idea of being "suitable"? Why doesn't he refer to Dominic Grieve or Tony Blair as a "hardline Remainer"?

    1. It's getting even worse...Newsnight has turned into a complete joke. Elizabeth Glinka comes on with a Project Fear nonsense story about hundreds of thousands of cattle going to be culled in N Ireland. Absolute balls of course. Then Emma Barnett comes on with a Theatre of the Absurd interview with a perfectly competent ex DEFRA minister.

      The BBC must go.

  2. Is there a 'far left'? If there is I expect it is populated by 'extremly nice people'!

    As for those on the 'right',the racists, the xenophobes, homophobes, Islamophobes, just shut ('TF'*)up or get smashed!

    Somehow I don't feel the love. I must be 'extreme right'.

    [* Politeness and free-speech is for facists].

    1. You are extremely right, for sure!

  3. The question was (rhetorical): Why doesn't the BBC label Jeremy Corbyn "far left" and "antisemitic"?
    The answer is; because the BBC has no interest in telling the truth.

  4. Labels are useful as they quickly give context
    eg Climate Alarmist, Climate, Sceptics, Scots Nationalist, anti-capitalist, anti-abortionist, biased.

    However some labels are LOADED "toxic-boo-word labels" so powerful that they dehumanise the debater, an adhom that poisons their well
    A PR trick I call Smear/label/dismiss
    so you can dismiss them without even considering their arguments.

    Such boo-word labels include "far right", racist, alt-right, Nazi, anti-Semitic and even lefty, far-left

    It's no use labelling Corbyn as anti-Semitic or far-left, or Lammy as racist. Cos I want to consider what points they make on a particular topic, rather than dismiss them from the start.

  5. I see this type of hatey labelling from libmob all the time
    Guardian journo Greg Jericho @GrogsGamut tweeted
    \\ What is going on is the USA elected a *psychopath* as president //


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