Friday 20 September 2019

A small stushie

In which Andrew Neil rides to the defence of Laura Kuenssberg, a kind-hearted Scots nationalist objects and Andrew parries gracefully. Or something like that:
Andrew Neil (BBC)Total defence. Total solidarity with Briltain’s top political editor. Stakhanovite, relentless, fair, balanced, informed. Always proud when she comes on my show (even though she went to Edinburgh University!)  
Kev R (dad, internationalist, humanist): Middle class privately educated Scotsman in BBC rallies to middle class privately educated Scotswoman who works for the BBC. Both of whom have highly suspect views. In Mr Neil’s case, a strike breaker, a man who controls the right wing Spectator too. Poor wee ‘victim’ Laura. 
Andrew Neil (BBC)I was born into a working class family, brought up in a council house and went to a state school. The rest of your tweet is also drivel. Get your facts right. Better, do us all a favour and give up Twitter.

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  1. Not unlike the effect of the "Glasgow Kiss" on the person receiving it...


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