Sunday 15 December 2019

Andrew Neil TOTALLY DESTROYS Channel 4 News

I hold in contempt any YouTube video headlined like this post is headlined, but still...

By focusing on the BBC's election night coverage I missed Channel 4's Big Reveal of the exit poll:

Very Channel 4!

I finally got round to watching that after seeing a tweet, this very hour, from the BBC's Andrew Neil (yes, that Andrew Neil - the one with the Mercedes, sauna and room for a pony, as Emily Thornberry might put it).

Brillo, briliiantly, amusingly, 'trolls' Channel 4 over this, and says.....drum roll....:
Was this when Channel 4 replaced itself with a block of ice?  
Well played, sir!


  1. Was this the moment when Andrew Neil realised that Boris was the elusive butterfly of love and had cleverly escaped his wanton boy's grasp?

  2. A lot of boos from the studio audience... bad losers as always, these remoaning lefties. Didn't stay up to watch any of this... what is that Canadian so-called heavily made up comedienne doing on an election night results programme other than collecting a handsome fee... like Bercow?


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