Tuesday 17 December 2019

Dancing in the street

Baroness Tonge is still picking away at the same old scab. In case you missed it....

After last week's election results, the 78-year-old peer, who sits as an independent, wrote on Facebook: "The Chief Rabbi must be dancing in the street.” 

“Nearly 90 peers from across the main political parties are calling on Baroness Tonge to apologise for saying Labour's defeat was due to Israeli attacks on Jeremy Corbyn. 
"The pro-Israel lobby won our General Election by lying about Jeremy Corbyn.” 
“….a group of 88 former ministers, lawyers and industry leaders later urged her to say sorry for bringing the House of Lords into disrepute.  
“…… Lady Tonge apologised for her comments, saying they were intended as a "light-hearted remark.”

The Chief Rabbi and Baroness Tonge: Pas de deux (lighthearted caption)

(I wonder if Baroness Chakrabarti signed that letter?)


  1. Ha-ha beat you to it Sue (on the open thread)...another Tonge-lashing for the people she doesn't like, I called it.

    You'd think from what she says that there isn't a pro-Kurd or a pro-Kashmir, or a pro-Saudi or a pro-Iranian lobby working away in the UK, just as hard as any pro-Israeli lobby. We know that Corbyn was a vehicle for the pro-Iranian and pro-Kashmir lobbies, for sure.

    Haven't seen this reported on the BBC. Tricky one for them. She used to be one of their favourites.

    1. Yes, soz -I really need to explain why I haven't been engaging recently - I will do so asap.

  2. If Boris and Dom get on with reforming the House of Lords, hopefully the likes of Tonge and Chakrawhitewash can be shown the door.


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