Sunday 15 December 2019

How sweet!

You'll like this. Not a lot. (As Anna Soubry - remember her? - used to say). 

Here's blog favourite John Simpson sharing a moment with Sir Michael White, ex-political editor of the Guardian - and, in days gone by, on blogs like this, the absolute epitome of the BBC/Guardian left-liberal axis:
John Simpson: Downing Street is putting out the word that it is boycotting Radio 4's Today because of its, and the BBC’s, ‘bias’ against Boris Johnson & the Conservatives during the campaign.
Sir Michael White: Interesting, isn’t it, John, that the Global Britain crew have spent a decade or more trashing the BBC, Britain’s only truly global media brand - widely respected except by Team Brexit & Trump who also hates public service media.
John Simpson: I certainly think any govt should appreciate the immense value to Britain of having a voice which is listened to & appreciated right across the world.


  1. My sense is that BBC World Service was once revered when it was clearly the confident Lilibulero voice of Britain. Now it tries to be the voice of the world with people speaking in a wide range of world regional accents (that those with English as a second language must find difficult to follow), referencing a confusing mix of world cultures and with local correspondents appearing to have local axes to grind, I am not so sure. Would you trust the listenership figures?

  2. The world service news is generally news not opinion and comment. BBC programming exported abroad is not usually political.

    The rest of the world doesn't listen to Today on R4 or Newsnight so has no idea of the continually sneering left illiberal bias of the BBC news department.

    As usual the BBC self congratulates itself on unpolitical matters where it does things well and forgets that its political content is not universally admired by anyone who is not left wing and who has first hand knowledge of its UK output

  3. You have been incredibly productive today Craig. Thank you for the posts, they have been informative and enjoyable.

  4. Craig & Sue,

    Your output over the last few days has so prolific and of such high quality that we all are in awe of you and your commitment to exposing the bias and hypocrisy at the BBC. Keep up the good work. We value your work so much and it is producing results.

  5. Completely agree Charlie. I've been back here half a dozen times in the past 24 hours and every time I've been educated and entertained (perhaps its my own bubble, but I don't care).
    Many thanks to Craig and Sue.
    I think the next step should be an occaisional podcast!

  6. (that those with English as a second language must find difficult to follow) Indeed, MB, English is my first language and I, sometimes, have difficulty in understanding what is being said. I have been out of the UK for more that 20 years but have not lost my English language skills. Together with Feminism, pro LGTB, putting immigration in a good light and Climate catastrophism makes it more and more difficult for me to bother to listen.


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