Sunday 29 March 2020

Inappropriate invitation

I’m sorry they brought in Richard Horton to harangue the token Tory on last week’s Q.T.

I can just about accept the BBC’s justification for inviting Emily Thornberry onto the panel despite the fact that she seems more and more odious with each media exposure, but even though there seems to have been a change of heart.......
"It was during this period that The Lancet began publishing numerous articles advancing this poisonous political agenda, through allegations of medical and health-related abuse of Palestinians. This activity took place under the aegis of Richard Horton, who has held the position of Editor in Chief since 1995[5] and who frequently generates controversy by using the journal to gain visibility for his pronouncements on major social and political issues associated with progressive liberal agendas.
....The Lancet has an appalling record of inappropriate political advocacy when it’s supposed to be a medical journal.

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