Wednesday 27 May 2020

Fury, contempt and anguish

I see that Julia Hartley-Brewer, who thinks Dominic Cummings should go, is nonetheless as outraged as I am at Newsnight's blatant breach of the BBC's charter responsibilities: 
I’m sorry but this is TOTALLY unacceptable from Emily Maitlis, Newsnight and the BBC. The BBC is REQUIRED to be impartial. This is a clear breach of their own rules. Commentators (including me) can give their own opinions, BBC presenters cannot.
I hope a real head of steam builds up over this and that Emily Maitlis and Esme Wren are properly held to account over this because it's simply intolerable. 

Emily Maitlis broke the rules. The country can see that. And it would be shocking if the BBC could not.

Update (20:00): More from Julia Hartley-Brewer:
To all the people who are defending the BBC insisting  Emily Maitlis & Newsnight did nothing wrong: YOU ARE THE PEOPLE WHO WILL DESTROY THE BBC YOU CLAIM TO LOVE! You can’t have a broadcaster which is both taxpayer-funded *and* has a political stance. Pick one. You can’t have both.
That brought an interesting reply from Patrick O'Flynn:
I wouldn't mind watching a "Viewsnight" provided Emily Maitlis alternated her lib-Left slant with another presenter who highlighted pro-nation state, socially conservative outlooks. It might work quite well. But the political slant can't all be one way.

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