Tuesday 23 June 2020

Off with the fairies

These topics have already been mentioned on the open thread and I’m not going to waste a beautiful sunny day writing about that stupid banner.

Personally, I couldn’t see exactly what was wrong with it - and so far haven’t heard an explanation for all the outrage and apologising, apart from “it’s racist”. 

Would it have been okay if it had said: “White lives don’t matter Manchester”? That certainly would have been obnoxious I suppose - as a banner

The fact that I heard a grovelling apology from someone whose name sounded like ‘Bend Knee” made it even more surreal. It turned out that the chap apologising was called Ben Mee.

I suppose if I’m going to write about it I really should watch it again. But d’you know what? I can’t spare the time. Well, it looked like a hastily cobbled together attempt to deflect our ire away from the left-wing/commie/anarchic chaos that’s being forced upon us by the media comprising, to date and in no particular order, Coronavirus, BLM, Antifa, unhinged knife-wielding Lybian asylum seekers, a left-leaning Conservative government and a woke, crazy mixed up BBC that’s currently out with the fairies.
Panorama investigates a global network of neo-Nazis whose aim is to destroy society and discovers that it is recruiting in the UK. Last year, a 16-year-old boy from Durham became the youngest person ever convicted of planning a terrorist attack in the UK, prompting reporter Daniel De Simone to delve deeper into this shadowy world. Police say right-wing extremism is the fastest-growing terrorist threat in the UK and that the coronavirus pandemic may be leaving young people vulnerable to radicalisation. As Daniel investigates the Durham case, he notices certain names cropping up again and again. Working with investigative journalist Ali Winston in the US, he tracks down some of the movement's most influential figures and reveals how the network operates across the globe. 
Should Panorama come to me for advice(!) I would suggest they apply a little more rigour to their woke propaganda. I’m afraid this programme was utterly laughable. Firstly Daniel De Simone was confused and inconsistent. Who were the bad guys again? Who were the good guys? Were we supposed to regard rioting protesters as ‘good’ and their opponents as Nazis? Does he know what BLM is all about?

The right-wing villains turned out to be pre-pubescent schoolboys. Yes, I know that age group can be dangerous if they get their grubby little hands on weapons, but it’s hardly a movement on the scale of the SS. 
And that 16-year-old boy. Was he real or an actor? How did they get him to appear? Were they trying to make him famous? The whole thing was a shambles. We’re told that the BBC is still trying to seduce the young. Was that part of their recruitment campaign? 

I keep misreading ‘Defund the BBC’ as ‘Defend the BBC’, but that really would be an unlikely campaign. Nobody would be that out of touch, would they? 

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