Saturday 4 September 2021

''Watch the video for yourself''

I found this interesting from someone all the leading lights at the BBC Disinformation Unit follow.


  • New fact check: A viral photo makes it look like President Biden checked his watch during a ceremony honoring U.S. service members killed in Kabul. But that's misleading.
  • The way Biden honored the 11 caskets presented at Dover Air Force Base on Sunday was similar to how Trump paid respects to fallen service members during his presidency.
  • Biden checked his watch, but he did so after the ceremony had ended. Watch the video for yourself:


  • As many of you already know, this story has been corrected. Biden checked his watch multiple times during the ceremony. I regret the error.
  • Journalists and fact-checkers are human (yes, even me!) We make mistakes. When we do, we correct them and try to make it right.
  • It's easy to dunk on journalists when we get things wrong. I get it – to many, we're just another name on a screen. But behind that screen is a person trying to do their best.

It would make for a great BBC Trending/Disinformation Unit article.

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