Saturday 6 November 2021

Twitter banter

There's another Yorkshire Cricket Club headline 'racism' story on the BBC News Website's home page. Meanwhile, here's a Twitter discussion that echoes the chat on the open thread and I suspect reflects the public mood better than the BBC:

  • The Yorkshire Cricket Club situation is hardly top news. Why is it being made such a major issue? Who really cares what players say to each other in the dressing room? What are the real motives?
  • Number One rule: What happens in changing room stays in changing room. Thought everybody knew that. It’s all about trust. We have a situation here where somebody decided years later they were offended. Oddity is that Ballance's honesty has resulted in him bring crucified by the BBC.
  • 2 Days - Wall to wall on every channel. And it's going to go on + on to sustain the victim racism narrative + try to pretend the UK is an institutionally racist country.
  • The media love stirring up racism in the guise of condemning it.
  • Ah well, it's all about how they frame "the news". Every night it is just about Diversity or Climate Change. Each news item chosen is based on which of those two topics it falls into. If news is particularly slow then just send your top reporter to a drought or a flood & job done.
  • BBC covered up Saville for years yet drop Vaughan for a unverified comment 12 years ago??
  • I’ve had the BBC in the background and had to switch it off due to constant racial news, there is an agenda here, is it divide and rule I don’t know but surely I’m not the only one feeling this way.
  • I really hope Michael Vaughan sues the BBC for unfair dismissal and wins. Utterly ludicrous decision. Another nail in the coffin of the BBC.

And a variation on the theme comes from Mark Littlewood of the Institute of Economic Affairs:

The coverage of BBC News today, which I have followed, has chosen to headline the following stories: 1. A cricket club in Yorkshire claims not to be racist 2. A cricketer won’t be fronting a BBC radio programme tomorrow 3. A teenager from Sweden believes COP26 is a failure.

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