Friday 5 November 2021

Well, He Would, Wouldn’t He?

I see The New Statesman is recommending a new article with the headline The BBC needs to stand up for itself. Of all the UK’s news outlets, it is still best placed to tell the story straight

Director-general Tim Davie should be challenging the charge that the corporation has moved away from impartial reporting, not accepting it, writes Philip J Collins.
You'll have seen this Phil Collins on BBC politics shows many, many times. He's long been a favourite pundit of the corporation's.

Quite why this arch-Blairite who helped write Sir Keir Starmer's 2021 Labour Party Conference speech and is married to BBC news presenter Geeta Guru-Murthy is so intensely relaxed about BBC impartiality and believes the BBC ''does the best it can, in difficult circumstances, to tell the story straight'' is surely anyone's guess. 😜

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