Sunday 3 July 2022

More insisting

I had to chuckle at the closing headlines on today's The World This Weekend

The opening portion began with the usual calls for Boris to go, including an interview with Lord [Kenneth] Baker where presenter Jonny Dymond [not to be confused with either Johnny Cash or Neil Diamond] gave Lord Baker the full Mrs Doyle from Father Ted treatment.

To paraphrase Jonny today: Should Boris Johnson go? Should he go, Lord Baker? Ah, go on, go on, go on, go on, say Boris Johnson should go!”

Lord Baker finally obliged.

My chuckle came later though, at the sheer insistence - via very heavy emphasis of the word - of the BBC's favourite past participle to describe what people they usually don't like say:
A cabinet minister has insisted Boris Johnson wasn't aware of specific complaints of inappropriate behaviour against the former deputy chief whip Chris Pincher when he was appointed.

The BBC are very insistent, even persistent, in their use of 'insisted' at the moment. A directive surely must have gone out, given how frequently it's used across multiple BBC platforms - from the News Channel to Radio 4.

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