Sunday 28 February 2016

"It's all Europe all the time"

"It's all Europe all the time. We'll find some other things to talk about", said Gavin Esler at the start of the mid-morning paper review on the BBC News Channel.

And he did....eventually....with Nigel Nelson, political columnist at the Sunday People, and Vincent Moss, former political editor of the Sunday Mirror (so a Trinity Mirror Group re-union!). 

Mr Nelson, during the EU bit, mentioned the "obsession, almost an illness" of Tory Eurosceptics regarding the EU while Mr Moss suggested that wisdom and the Conservative Party "don't necessarily go hand in hand".

It was an enjoyable paper review. They didn't reckon much to Jeremy Corbyn wasting time at the tiny anti-Trident protest, and don't reckon much to chuggers either.

Following pro-EU Edwina Currie on the earlier paper review, did these guests bring some anti-EU balance? Well, no. Nigel Nelson is publicly pro-EU and all the Googling in the world (and browsing his Twitter feed) hasn't provided a clue as to where Vincent Moss stands - and neither did his appearance this morning, so he's not going in the anti-EU box either.

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