Monday 2 April 2018

The Brexit panel

“So this isn’t scientific,” said Laura Kuenssberg” It’s just a slice of conversations going on around the country about Brexit” (not verbatim)

“I don’t want you to think too hard, but I want you to put down the first three words that come into your mind when you think about Brexit” said the lady in the green dress in a patronising tone as she handed out pieces of paper. Like a party game.

“Lies?” volunteered one participant eagerly. 

Well, if that panel is representative of the audience the BBC has been informing, educating and entertaining for the last 70 years, no wonder everything is dumbed down to accommodate the educationally subnormal. And obviously even that wasn’t dumbed down enough. The panel was inarticulate and flummoxed, and they expressed their flummoxedness as incoherently as a flummoxed panel could.
Where did they get this panel, who was the lady in the green dress and why oh why did anyone think this was worth putting on air? They could have left it on the cutting room floor and put it down to experience. You know, you win some, you lose some. I felt genuinely sorry for Laura Kuenssberg.

For my part, any criticism I’ve directed at the BBC for dumbing everything down -  I take it all back. I understand.

Oh God oh God, oh God.


  1. Heard Freya McClements presenting a programme tonight on the N Irish border issue in the context of Brexit (Davy Crockett something). It was an incredibly one sided presentation designed to whip up fears about the future. Flouting BBC rules on impartiality she declared she too was anxious about the future. I don't know how she was introduced but she works for the Irish Times based in the Republic of Ireland. I think they have a strong pro-EU anti-Brexit editorial line.

    This isn't impartial reporting.

  2. It seemed to me that the inference placed on the questions by the chair to the panel were nearly all (if not all) asked/framed in a ‘negative outcome’ view of Brexit.... people’s aspirations, the possible positives of Brexit were not focused on.

    1. Yes, negative outcome mode indeed.
      My immediate thought was - rather than air this failed experiment, they should have passed the audio over to Aardman Animations for a special Brexit version of Creature Comforts.

  3. Who needs science when the bbc has ‘belief’?

    1. About time someone nailed Chris Morris...BTW are there two Chris Morrises? That doesn't look like the Chris Morris I thought he was!!

      But yes, the Reality Check is an absolute disgrace.

      Another point: we won't see stories like this in the Express for much longer as it is being taken over by the Mirror group and it's obvious they are going to turn the Express Remain-lite or even close it down.


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