Friday 6 April 2018

The 'day of the tire'

I don’t know much about the mainstream Jewish community and even less about the group known as Jewdas, but from what I’ve read, being anti-Zionist is a prerequisite for joining the Corbynista cult.

By aligning himself with ‘Jewdas’ and the ‘Judean Front’ or ‘Labour Voices or the Front for Judea’, the Party and its leader can ‘prove’ that they’re not antisemitic in the sense that they don’t “hate Jews”. The Jewish identity of these anti-Zionist rebels provides the smokescreen. With friends like that, (useful idiots is the accepted term) how could Jeremy be racist? Of course opposing the existence of the Jewish State while accepting Islamic and several other types of state makes one a hypocrite or an antisemite, as does parroting falsified Palestinian propaganda.

The BBC News channel is reporting the antics at the Gaza / Israel border. Yolande Knell is there wearing a helmet and a flak jacket. Naturally, she’s embedded with the Palestinians and views the unfolding stunt from Hamas’s point of view.  Other points of view are available. 

Paying the necessary lip-service to the BBC’s charter, she does mention Israel’s clear warnings (that anyone approaching the border fence or attempting to damage the fence or infiltrate Israeli territory will be shot.) However, by parroting Hamas’s justification for the unruly demonstration as though it’s all in aid of a perfectly reasonable demand, she ditches impartiality altogether. They want the right of return, she says, as though granting the (several million) descendants of the 1948 refugees their imaginary ‘right’ is just a matter of humanitarian generosity. Come on.

And then the wording. Is the BBC aware of any historical facts? Yolanda Knell believes that in 1948 “hundreds of thousands” of Palestinians were forced out of their homes, or were forced to flee.”
She didn’t state by whom. Is it any wonder that so many people are dazed and confused?

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