Tuesday 26 January 2021

Colourful language from Christian Fraser


As we know, it's a very, very, very bad thing to say 'coloured people'. 

You've got to put the word 'people' first, move the 'coloured' bit to the end and take off the '-ed' (most important of all), and pop an 'of' bang in the middle, making: 'people of colour'. 

That makes all the difference.

If you're still unsure, please read this BBC Newsbeat article headlined Warning: Why using the term 'coloured' is offensive

Transgress, even accidentally, and say 'coloured' rather than 'of colour', and you seriously risk all hell breaking loose, especially if you're in the limelight.

Enter Christian Fraser at 9:40 pm on the BBC News Channel this very evening, plonked on the other side of the split screen from Katty Kay, and talking to an American person of colour placed between them. 

Here's what Christian said:

I suppose the ultimate litmus test right off the bat is how the country reacts to Covid, because we know there is a disproportionate effect within coloured communities, within poor communities, and it tends to be those communities where poverty is so endemic.

OMG!, as Katty would say (though, in fact, she said nothing here).

Poor, poor Christian. Straight into the Slough of Despond. 

That's his career over, surely?

Let's not forget this from the BBC News website on 11 November 2020:

Greg Clarke: Why FA chairman's comments are so offensive
Warning: This report contains offensive language.

Greg Clarke had to quit for using the term "coloured footballers" while speaking to MPs about diversity and racial abuse against black players. His pro-diversity, anti-racist intent proved irrelevant as far as the baying mob - and the BBC's Newsbeat - went. He was a goner.

Oh, Christian! What can you do to be saved?

And maybe the mouth of hell beckons for Katty too for not speaking out against such a damnable choice of words, live on BBC TV. 

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