Thursday 23 September 2021

Being kind

A tweet from Jeremy Vine today...

...hasn't struck people as being very kind, or classy. Here's a flavour of the reaction:

  • Genuinely. Is there any need for such a spiteful comment?
  • Anyway, sympathies today for anyone who thought Jeremy Vine was nice, whoever you are and wherever you may be.
  • It's an astonishingly wrong footed comment from Vine. Perfectly sums up what's wrong with the BBC: deep-seated self regard. Andrew Neil is one of their "stars". Colin comes from a different background, family man, working class and above all *normal*.
  • Classic BBC, pretends to be kind but can't help but bully anyone who is deemed beneath them. Colin Brazier is great. Calm, interesting, kind and patient with guests.
  • Really? I've been watching Colin Brazier's show since he stepped in and have been massively impressed by his work.

On Monday I pointed out that Jeremy Vine is paid twice more than our PM - wages we are legally forced to pay via the BBC license fee. I think publicly-funded broadcasters need to be careful how they express personal opinions. 

Update: Jeremy Vine has deleted his tweet. 

Did he delete it off his own bat, or did the BBC tell him too?

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