Saturday 19 February 2022

Genital Power


The New Statesman is enthusing over a new BBC Radio 4 programme:
A delightful mix of science, history and feminism, BBC Radio 4’s Political Animals explores what animal sexuality reveals about the female libido. This show is all about “celebrating stories of females in the natural world that defy sexist stereotypes”.
The blub on the programme's website summarises it like this:
Lucy Cooke meets the female animals - and pioneering scientists - moving evolutionary biology beyond the male-centric Darwinian narrative.

Lucy Cooke meets females from the animal world that smash the ‘dominant male’ stereotype

How 'Radio 4' is that!

Episodes include: Sex, Monkeys and the 'Coy Female' Myth; Mole Rat Queens and Genital Power; and, of course for the trans, Sex-Switching Fish and Non-Binary Brains.

Talking of science, one experiment The New Statesman has tried today is to put out an internet poll on the matter. The results so far point to a predictable conclusion: that internet polls often go 'the wrong way':

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