Wednesday 20 November 2013

New-look 'Newsnight'

So, Ian Katz's attempts to revive knackered old Newsnight have resulted in him getting rid of presenter Gavin Esler, long-time reporter Tim Whewell and science editor Susan Watts. 

It's a bit of a shame about Susan Watts, perhaps, as she's quite unusual at the BBC in actually having a science degree and knowing what she's talking about. (She's got a BSc in Physics, if you're wondering.)

The Guardian quotes Mr Katz as saying that the programme's "commitment to covering science – including climate change – is as strong as ever. Just want to do it in a different way". 

(Being Ian Katz, he said that on Twitter.)

Will those different ways, by any chance, involve celebrities? (I'm having visions of Bill Bailey larking around in the Newsnight studio.) They could, of course, just follow the lead of the rest of the BBC and call in Professor Brian Cox whenever there's a sciency bit to do. 

Still, o joy of joys!, the programme is bringing Laura Kuenssberg back to the BBC as a reporter/presenter. (I can't wait, and the Cookie Monster tells me he's looking forward to meeting her too.) 

Paul Mason's job is still up for grabs though and, according to Newsnight insiders, the sharp money is now on Russell Brand.

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