Thursday 5 July 2018


Mike Wendling and rest of the 'social justice warriors' at BBC Trending team are still pushing their usual kind of story. The latest five articles on the BBC Trending page are are:

When you read them it all comes out as follows stats-wise: There are three pieces about sexism and two pieces about racism. 


  1. Aren't they all about sports? Isn't that an all-female domain at the BBC now? Perhaps Mike will be wendling his way to becoming a 'transgender' female?

  2. Wendling is probably the most transparent and therefore most pathetic social justice warrior of them all at the BBC. The average punter is going to see through this clunky propaganda.

    According to the First Wendling Paradox, Nigeria, Japan and India - to name a few - must be amongst the most racist in the world as their teams are most definitely not multi-ethnic. Why isn't Wendling campaigning for them to introduce "multi-ethnic" teams.

    According to the Second Wendling Paradox, since countries which try to impose secure border controls are racist, then Singapore, China, Algeria and Cuba are all racist countries.

    Incidentally, isn't "multi-ethnic" a bit old hat. Wendling showing his age perhaps. Or maybe it's an American thing like "people of colour".

  3. Just like R4 enviro prog Costing the Earth is like a prog broadcast from a Greenpeace studio
    .. BBCTrending is an Antifa prog, probably with Brendan Cox and his team of Hatey No Hopers at the controls.
    It's more like BBCTr(uthb)ending or BBCleftiesWantToBeTrending as they ignore the actual big web news of the week and spin up smaller stories which suit their SJW, Virtue Signalling, Trump hating agenda.

    1. Though suddenly last week they had a non activist prog
      about pensioner gamers in Swden
      ..mentioned no activist issues at all..very strange.


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