Sunday 22 July 2018

Falling fog

This week's The World This Weekend focused on the issue of a second EU referendum. It looked at it through the lens of Labour Party divisions. 

Cue complaints from Corbynistas and Cadwalldristas:

  • The World This Weekend featuring bumper poll lead for Labour as Tories crash and burn? Course not - bashing them over their Brexit policy (if you cover Labour it must be negative - that’s the BBC way)!
  • Again the twisting the truth from The World This Weekend that "many Labour supporters voted leave". Maybe technically true "many" did, though TWO THIRDS voted remain! 
  • The World This Weekend has just had vox pop about  Peoples Vote with NO MENTION of Vote Leave’s criminality.  So that’s all right then, eh, BBC Radio4?
  • "We dredged the crowd for vox-pops and these are the ones we selected to use".
  • The World This Weekend Labour MPs Chris Leslie (Remain) and Graham Stringer (Leave) being interviewed! Both united in their hatred of Corbyn - the BBC call that balance?
  • The World This Weekend devoting so much to Labour. Maybe someone should tell them Tories called Brexit, it is their mess, don't try to make it Labour's. Jonny Dymond follows all the other BBC mob. It is the Tories' problem. Geddit Jonny?
  • With govt in collapse & catastrophic No Deal #Brexit in prospect, The World This Weekend chooses to dig around for Labour divisions. Neither Leslie nor Stringer is representative of opinion in the party. They're intent on undermining the leadership when our goal is a Labour govt.

And cue other complaints, more attuned perhaps to 'our way of thinking':

  • The World This Weekend. During EU ref BBC used our licence money to give more time & weight to remain & project fear, now BBC in full force to push for a second referendum. How many times Polly Toynbee & co remoaners & word 2nd referendum were repeated on BBC platforms in the past 72 hours? 
  • Why doesn’t presenter of The World This Weekend challenge  Chris Leslie MP's false use of the word “ideological” to describe Graham Stringer MP  stand to, constitutionally correct, insist on implementing the decision of the people which cannot be overruled by parliament?
  • The World This Weekend. BBC  proceeding w Matthew Parris' plan outlined in the Speccy to start flying a kite for a "2nd Referendum" - but FAIR PLAY TO JOHNNY DIAMOND, he interviewed the brilliant Labour For Leave MP, Graham Stringer . . .
  • Graham Stringer MP bloody brilliantly on Brexit in a deeply biased anti Brexit The World This Weekend now- a lone voice and he is holding out.

Classic 'complaints from both sides', eh? 

I was thinking of posting something complaining that the BBC was pushing a second referendum myself here but after reading the above started doubting myself: Am I as bad as everyone else?

Well, if anyone's interested, I've got a cunning plan and I almost half-believe it too. I'm going to reconcile the Corbynistas and the Brexiteers, though sadly I'll be disappointing the pro-EU Cadwalldristas in the process:

Yes, the BBC was pushing for a second referendum here and it was going after Labour divisions in order to pressure Corbyn & Co. into supporting one too. 

Or maybe it wasn't, and was simply reporting the news and chose to focus on the second referendum question because it's been widely discussed by parliamentarians this week, and chose to focus on Labour this time because the programme has already done so much about Tory divisions over Brexit in recent weeks (as it has), and chose Graham Stringer and Chris Leslie not because they both hate Jeremy but because they represent the opposite polls of opinion about Brexit within Labour.

I'm sorely tempted to add 'Whatever!'.

I've got a temperature, my head is whirling like one of Recep Tayyip's dervishes and my brain cells are functioning on low battery. What do you make of this, O clear-headed, non-dancing ITBB reader?

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  1. Think you got it about right. The Soggy Leftist BBC believes in the EU more than red blooded socialism. It approves of the Labour Party only in so much as it is a vehicle for progressive social change.


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