Tuesday 25 October 2016

Muslim Mumpreneurs

File under the heading “Any other matters that take our fancy”

An example of the normalisation of Islam in The Times: 
“Islamic toy store puts children on the path to peace” says the headline.

Unlike the paper version, the online piece doesn’t illustrate the products this unfortunately named mum, “Nazia Nasreen”, is marketing. It just has a picture of two innocent youngsters, boy and girl, happily playing with toy alphabet bricks. The Arabic variety.

In fact the Times presents it as a good-news business story - a young mum with entrepreneurial ambitions - what’s not to like?  Oh, and her aim is to put children on the path to peace.

The OMG Daily Mail has the story too. 
“She is in a group of leading British 'Muslim Mumpreneurs', which also includes Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain, who juggle bringing up children and running successful businesses in what has traditionally been a male-dominated world.” 
[...] She said: 'A lot of times children learn the wrong things and that's where the extremism kicks in. If the right educational toys and books are provided from a young age, we can instil the correct Islamic ethos and values in our children'.

That’s what it says in the Mail, and they have illustrated some of her wares.

Muslim Barbie (sold out) As far as I can tell it’s your bog standard Barbie wearing a Barbie headscarf - why can’t anyone just customise their infidel Barbie? 

The above is possibly a poster.
Three little girls who look about 7 or 8 years old dressed in black, with hijabs plus a handy epithet from Abu Dawud:
“The prophet said: “If anyone cares for three daughters, gives them a good upbringing, marries them (to good husbands) and treats them well, they will enter paradise”  “

There must also be a booklet on how to be a good husband. Possibly.

The oddest thing of all is….. three leaflets or booklets entitled: (in order:)

These items ("toys") will put Muslim children on the path to peace and instil the correct Islamic ethos and values in them. 

Is this a joke?

Who knows; the cover illustrations are straight out of South Park.


  1. Prophet-orientated business? Can Kaffirs apply for a job? Will they make an "Oppose Polygamy Now" T shirt if I ask for one? Isn't forced marriage against the law?

  2. I just can't believe how religion blind some people are.

    However to be fair there are an equal amount of Christian story books for children. Some of we have been given by well wishing members of our family for our young ones, that I've quietly lost.

  3. This is O/T but notice how this current BBC article by a freelancer called Kevin Ponniah is set on demonising the white (am I allowed to use that term?!)French by implying that they are responsible for the violence,and contrast it with what Chinese communal leaders themselves were saying in September.

    All part of the BBC's odious leftwing agenda.

    'About 100 Chinese residents of Aubervilliers have been attacked and robbed since November, according to the Franco-Chinese Friendship Association.
    “It is because of prejudices that Chinese people are weak, docile and wealthy,” said Fang, a young female student. “I’ve been attacked three times in three years and my friends are suffering the same thing. Some have moved away from this area because of it. I don’t go out with a handbag any more.”
    Community workers say many muggings are committed by members of other minorities living in the area, generally of Arab or African origin.'
    Ponniah's article:


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