Sunday 28 July 2019


Sophie Ridge interviewed Jeremy Corbyn this morning. Well-intentioned but a bit feeble is Sophie Ridge. She hasn’t got the heft. With limited verbal agility, her USP amounts to facial gymnastics, (narrowed eyes) and she’s too inherently benign-looking to emote the scorn this topic demands.


  1. You're right about her limits...

    If I were interviewing Corbyn I'd throw him some choice quotes from Marx, Engels, Hyndman and Trotsky and watch him squirm, not wanting to denigrate his heroes but not wanting to identify with what they said.

    This is an interesting link - Trotsky approved of the creation of a Jewish state in Siberia:

  2. How many people watch Ridge ?
    A few Westminster insiders and the media pack is all I guess.

    1. I don’t know the figures but at one time there was a clash with Marr. It’s sorted now. I bet the figures are pretty good these days, since Sky manages to hook bigger fish than the Beeb does.


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