Saturday 20 February 2021

BBC - "Fascism is not an alien import but a central and on-going part of the British story"


Thanks to Stew for helping to update an earlier post with something even more remarkable. 

BBC - "The unbroken thread of fascism in Britain" looked at a new Radio 4 series which claims that this country has had "an unbroken thread of fascism", despite us being about far more resistant to fascism than most European countries. 

The remarkable thing is that the BBC actually toned this down. 

They did it via a stealth edit. 

Here's what it was:

And here's what it became:

That first version, stating that fascism is "central" to this country's history rather than an "alien import" may be the biggest lie the BBC has told yet in their attempt to denigrate their own country. Fascism has always been marginal.

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