Saturday 27 February 2021

Jon Sopel and the Case of the 'WTF' Eyebrow


In The Times this week Patrick Kidd risked making readers' eyebrows "do ‘WTF’" by writing:

In four years of covering Donald Trump, Jon Sopel had to try to maintain impartiality in the face of absurdity. “My eyebrow has learnt to do ‘WTF’, ” the BBC’s man in Washington told an Intelligence Squared event.

Well, he didn't try very hard, did he?

Patrick continued: 

Now, he is almost missing the orange peril. “I feel like I’ve had four years of a daily fix of crack cocaine and I’m now moving over to a half of shandy,” he said. “There’s a degree of cold turkey in the transition.”

We predicted that 'yes man' journalism under the Biden administration wouldn't be as much fun for Sopes. What a shame! Still, he's always got his books to flog. 

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