Saturday 13 February 2021

Gossip around the BBC water fountain


With Kamal Ahmed (and Gavin Allen and Jo Carr) being ejected by Fran Unsworth from the BBC News board this week, the media focus has been largely on the BBC apparently breaching its own guidelines over diversity, and on the gossip. 

The Mail had the best bit of gossip from a "BBC insider":

No one working here was very surprised. Most people think he had it coming.

Kamal had gone to Tony Hall arguing that we needed this editorial director role, and Tony created it for him. But most people think it was a non-job. He and Fran did not get on.

People didn't like him. They didn't understand how he was elevated so quickly, and many didn't forgive him for that speech to a hedge fund while lots of job losses were being announced here.

If that's true about Kamal's sudden rise, Lord Hall sounds to have behaved in a very 'Lord Hall' way. 

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