Monday 17 August 2015

Clumsy clot

At ITBB we sometimes have to return to the topic of Matthew Price. Why? Not because we don’t enjoy listening to that grating timbre that early in the morning, and not because he suddenly popped up on the Today programme and put his feet on the table without reassuring us (me) that he was not there full time, but only on holiday duty. I must’ve missed the announcement. It was probably made on Twitter.

No. We return to the topic of Matthew Price because he’s apt to let it all hang out. Pro-immigration, anti-Israel, left-wing and all the rest of it.  

It’s not confined to Twitter, even though the BBC seems to think that the political views of its employees, however blatantly Tweeted, are protected from breaking the BBC’s impartiality obligations because the ‘views my own’ caveat somehow provides immunity.

No. We return to Matthew merely because of pro-Islam and pro-immigration reporting, as well as Tweets linking to a variety of anti-Israel articles.  Now we have UKIP described on air as ‘far-right’, after which which he apologised - for being clumsy.

(In a parallel life he’s in a band


  1. A Price with no head.

  2. Maybe he and Jasmine Lawrence could hook up and sing 'Don't tweet anything stupid' as a duet?

    But he has apologised. For... breaking every rule there is (that can be ignored if you say 'Sawwwy' insincerely enough to let powers that BBC waive him on to keep up the good work. Surprised he didn't try the other staple... 'Just jokin'... peeps!'.

    I wonder if he would have done, or the BBC made him, if a few hadn't taken them to task?

    I hear these guys are keen on new blood for some jammin'...:

  3. That's no clumsy effort early in the morning from a sleep-deprived temp. He said losing voters to the Conservatives was losing "the center ground", so there's no need to skip from there to "far Right". Price's opinion - and the opinion of his colleagues, as this didn't come out of thin air - is clear.

    Bookmarked, going on the list.


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