Monday 10 August 2015

Songs of Provocation

Well, the Daily Mail is giving its haters at the BBC a right good going-over tonight regarding that controversial Songs of Praise from Calais. 

Aled Jones, originally mooted as its presenter, has, it seems, walked on air over to ITV; so Magnus Magnusson's daughter Sally has started where Aled didn't finish and landed in the migrant camp today instead, with just one pass (from Aled).

As their starter for ten (to mix BBC quiz metaphors) in goes the Mail, fists flying in several directions:
An Eritrean priest, who lives in the camp and runs the chapel set to feature in the episode, spoke out furiously about the decision to film the episode in Calais. 
Hagos Kesete feared that filming in the chapel would endanger his family’s life, adding that the producers did not have permission to film in the camp. 
The 31-year-old priest announced that he would not be appearing in the show, as he was terrified that his family could face repercussions if the images were seen in his home country of Eritrea. 
The BBC was accused of wading into a politically-sensitive issue by making the decision to film at the migrant camp.
And, confirming my own original doubts about this provocative-seeming BBC stunt, the Mail punches on:
Left-winger Rev Giles Fraser, who quit as canon of St Paul's Cathedral in support of the ultra Left-wing Occupy London protests, is also involved in the episode.   
He said: 'They are not illegal immigrants yet. I have no problem with the BBC filming Songs of Praise here.' 
He added that the camp's church was 'the real thing'.
That sounds like our Giles all right! (and the BBC for featuring him).

This BBC stunt, however well-meaning (or otherwise) in its intention, seems to be backfiring badly, doesn't it?

Well, to quote Battery Sergeant Major Williams (famously dismissed from duty by the BBC for being 'offensive'), "Oh dear, how sad, never mind".


  1. The BBC again demonstrating their immaturity, ignorance and lack of sensitivity. They do not care who they sacrifice on the alter of their perverted political ideology. Good for Aled Jones !

  2. Maybe the steading, market rate hands of Yentob and Cohen are needed to clam waters at this difficult time?

  3. If Giles Fraser says it`s the real thing-then he`s simply the CokeHead we all know him to be from that 70s advert for the drink.
    He chose to follow Jesus in his vows, I`d have imagined-or did he cross his fingers and assume that Pilate intended THAT to be the only Cross required.
    No-Giles doesn`t follow Jesus-he followed Russell Brand into a nice new job, with no need to worry about where his next pieces of silver will come from-the license fee payer and the likes of Lambeth Palace.
    If Giles says it`s "real"`ll be satanic at source.

  4. Note to Universal Giles: They're illegal in France already, idiot. They're just not illegally in Britain yet.

    PS: Oh, my God, the Daily Mail!

    1. Yep, that's true by definition: they haven't sought asylum in France but they have no residency status in France either, so they must be illegal.

  5. Sally, if you think these people should all be allowed into the UK, why not spend 24 hours with them by yourself without 20 crew and six security in attendance.


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