Tuesday 11 August 2015


Citing the Guardian, the BBC's Sydney correspondent Jon Donnison asks his Twitter followers a question:

His BBC colleague Matt McGrath provides 'the correct answer' in a newly-published BBC website piece:

That "Err, not really" sets the tone for much of the rest of Matt's piece. Reporting and opinion frolic side by side thoughout, so much that it might be better described as an 'editorial' than a 'report'.


  1. Not sure what Abbott means by 'comparable economies', but I'm sure he didn't mean the US or the EU, or perhaps even the UK. South Korea has a similar GDP to Australia and very significantly higher CO2 emissions. Follow McGrath's link to find what they have pledged to cut and you find that they won't be cutting at all. They have pledged that they will not increase emissions as much as they are on course to. Others are similarly pledged, which makes "The only countries to do less than Australia in this analysis, are Canada and New Zealand" more than a touch iffy

    ".Commentators were quick to put the boot in to the Abbott plan."

    Beeboids were quick to put the boot in to a conservative. No surprise there

  2. The BBC have various problems to face around this issue. For a long time they have repeated 'the fact' that the USA consumes the most carbon & creates the most emissions per capita in the world. IIRC, that is not true and that record is held by Australasia.

    They possibly cannot now reveal their poor journalism and knowledge and start saying that 26% of the highest level in the world must actually be quite a good reduction to make. They have to find a way of rubbishing it and thus find it helpful to be able to have unknown 'international political' third parties to say "Meh."

    Of course, it could also be the case that those 'international political' persons saying "Meh." have changed their minds on carbon use, emissions and so-called Climate Change.

    The BBC will definitely not want to own up to that at present.

  3. How I would love to see Glenn McGrath bowl a bouncer to Matt McGrath !

  4. Wow - that is seriously biased from McGrath ( I say that as someone who favours green energy).


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