Saturday 29 August 2015

What story will be heading the news agenda today?

The contrasting news priorities of the UK's three main broadcaster websites are interesting this morning.

Sky News leads with the latest family seemingly heading out to Syria... does ITV News (wonder if their choice of the phrase "be heading" was an intentional pun on some ITN wag's part? Unlikely!).

The BBC, surprisingly, isn't leading with the departing family, relegating that story into fourth place. 

Less surprisingly, the BBC thinks a News Corp story about Rebekah Brooks's possible return is the second most important story in the world. (Memo to BBC: It isn't). 


  1. Rebekah Brooks may have been top story on the BBC website but the story about the mother and four children who seem to be heading for Syria was top of the news bulletins all morning. Apparently we’re growing increasingly worried. Oh yes we are!

    In the spirit of those accusations that the IDF is racist because Jews don’t (deign to) rape enemy women like ‘proper’ soldiers, it made me think.

    Since the consensus is that Israel is the most foul place on earth, why isn’t anyone ‘worried’ when a British family takes the kids off to be corrupted by the evil Jewish State? Think of the children!!

    Aren’t British Jews considered as ‘British’ as British Muslims? Doesn’t anyone even care?

    /sarc (as we say when we’re not quite sure if the 'sarc' is obvious enough)

  2. "the most foul place on earth" is ranked fourth in the world in hospitality to foreigners! (Jewish Press)


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