Monday 9 November 2015

Trust nothing

James Wright has written a piece in “The Canary” titled :
“BBC Journalist comes clean, says “trust nothing you read or watch”

That’s interesting, isn’t it? I must remember that and take that very good advice. Trust nothing. (Don’t forget.)

(hijacked graphic)

Wright has cherry-picked some rather eye-catching quotes from journalist John Darvall’s blog and used them, if I may quote John Darvall  (more of which later) as an ‘in line’ to his own critical comments about the BBC.

However, the bulk of Wright’s piece does not concern John Darvall’s case at all, it’s a critique of the BBC based entirely on that flawed Cardiff University analysis that Craig tore to bits here on ITBBCB
Wright’s assertion is that the BBC is pro business, predominately right-wing, and the government’s mouthpiece. 
Below the article is an ad for a book called “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media by Noam Chomsky and Edward S Herman.

The original piece to which James Wright tied his ‘Canary’ article is by journalist John Darvall. It’s about how the BBC badly cocked up after a car crash in which his daughter Polly was tragically killed.

“I am ashamed to call myself a journalist” says John Darvall. You can read it here

I don’t know what John Darvall would make of James Wright's impudence - taking some of the more sensational quotes from his article and using them to front his own agenda-driven piece, but it looks to me like James Wright is piling insult upon insult upon injury. 

Darvall says:

Newspapers have contacted me and provided appallingly written articles, which I have had to change, ‘polish’ or make actual sense of. Other papers have published articles using my personal relationship as ‘the in line’, when this is NOT the story but, at best, just a very small part of the story. This has hurt many who are in the throes of grief.”

To me that seems to be precisely what has been done to him  again. It’s not even a small part of the story Wright is telling. It’s more of a hijack.    


  1. The BBC took Darvall off the air before the election because his fiancée is a Tory. Who's a Government mouthpiece again? Morons.

    Maddeningly (if that's not a word, it is now), the BBC really does appear to be the Tory Government's mouthpiece at the moment. It's pure synchronicity, of course, as it's only the natural coincidende of the establishment pro-EU-at-all-costs, pro-mass immigration-at-all-costs, soft-headed Left (in which I include Cameron, a Conservative by birth but not by inclination) who happen to be in synch on two of the biggest issues of the day. But to the uninformed eye it can easily seem to be the case.

    Yet because both Cameron and the BBC are coincidentally in lock-step on the EU and rapid-mass immigration, fools can apply that to anything they like at this point. And the BBC knows they can get away with it because they have a quiet deal in place which has secured their future.

    I'd really like to see a valid argument demonstrating how the BBC is a Tory mouthpiece on any issue other than the aforementioned two, on which Cameron cannot be said to hold right-wing positions. The Beeboids can't shut up about the evils of 'austerity', or the inhumanity of Osborne's tax credit silliness, or on any other Government policy which might be considered right-wing.

  2. Martha Kearney's idea of an unbiased opening statement on an item about migration:

    Give a homily on the moral duty to save all migrants (courtest of a minority religious leader - in this case the hypocritical Pope whose church has not opened its doors to migrants)...

    And don't mention: fears of poor people in Western Europe about the downward pressure on incomes arising from the inflow of migrants, the impact on our welfare systems and housing availability, concerns about the importation of Sharia and alien practices such as polygamty and FGM, or anxiety about the security threats from IS and AQ operatives or sympathisers.

    No, just harp on about our moral duty. End of story.

    Of course we do have a duty to save drowning people from the sea, but we also have a duty to save our country from cultural meltdown.

    1. I am referring to her introduction on WATO for the item (about 23 mins into the prog).


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