Friday 20 November 2015

"And I would not be dismissed with 'of course'"

To lighten the mood, here's a 'Twitter spat' between a couple of BBC reporters - Rory Cellan-Jones and Hugh Sykes. 

It all starts with Polly Toynbee criticising the BBC:

The BBC's technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones then rushes to Huw Edwards's defence:

Other Twitter users arrive to disagree with Rory Cellan-Jones, whose use of the phrase "of course" doesn't go down too well with one of them:

Nor does Rory's use of "of course" go down with one of his BBC colleagues either, namely Hugh Sykes:


  1. Sykesy's main concern after the Paris attacks was the damage they would do to multiculturalism and what is supposed to be an unstoppable wave of migration from the Middle East and Africa.

  2. Sykes seems to have made a gesture towards taking the side that it's a valid point, but that's about it. The rest of it is the same bobbing and weaving when pressed that we used to get from "Nicked Emus" and "Jim Dandy". Lots of "I don't know" when asked, for example, why the Today programme claims to set the day's news agenda.


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