Friday 10 April 2020

Big Question

Who is (was) on Question Time tonight? (Last night)

The fact is, (as they say on W1A) who cares? I have to level with you - I didn’t watch it. Did anyone?
In the era of Lockdown, Q.T. is incontrovertibly dire. ‘Direr’ than usual. There’s not even a whooping and hooting audience to complain about. But that panel even surpasses itself in terms of irrelevance and dullness; the antidote to click-bait.

Let Q.T. join HIGNFY as another casualty of coronavirus. But (in the absence of a suitable test) did it die OF coronavirus, or WITH?


  1. Wonder how long it's been since "author and rapper" went from being the sort of thing a satirist would make up to being an actual BBC thing on 'Question Time'?

  2. Radio 4 comedy will be taking a hit too. No London studio audiences to whoop approvingly when their latest Trump jokes hit the airwaves.

  3. And can we please start calling 'The Now Show' 'The Not-now-please Show'?

  4. Has Nish Kumar been on the QT panel yet?

    1. Yes, last year. He kept arguing with Melanie Philips and claimed just about everything and everybody was racist.


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