Tuesday 21 April 2020

Turkey trot

An abrasive interview on the Today programme  (22.22)with Nick Robinson and Simon Clarke MP (me neither)  on the theme of ‘candour’. 
Yes, someone has royally messed up; the desperately urgent consignment of gowns form Turkey has yet to materialise. But the BBC should remember that all day yesterday they were telling us that the gowns have been ‘delayed’. Delayed? Mislaid? Waylaid? I never heard anyone on the BBC probing further.  Did you? Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it hasn’t so far killed me.

If there’s one thing the Guardian is good for, it’s that it often provides detail that other organs don’t bother with. Yesterday the Guardian reported that the “84-tonne consignment of personal protective equipment (PPE)” which was “expected to include 400,000 gowns”  was delayed because of some kind of bureaucracy. It looked as if some bureaucrat in Turkey couldn’t be arsed to sign some bit of paper (?)

Whether that’s true or complete nonsense, the BBC might have passed that information (or ‘mis-information) on under the auspices of ‘the renowned Reality Check’; but no they expected us to be satisfied with just an announcement that it’s ‘been delayed’. So much for candour.

Why on earth are we depending on Turkey for anything, anyway?

Owing to the limitations of the Blogger comments system, we have successfully migrated to Disqus. We’re all migrants now!
We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Craig.  I urge everyone to perform a melody of their choice from their balcony in appreciation. (Suggest “We’re all in this together”.) I will be doing continuous laps of my garden till the end of Lockdown or before my 100th birthday whichever comes first.
Enjoy our newfound freedom, and a happy Disqus to one and all.

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