Friday 10 April 2020

Not a belated April Fools joke

So guess who has been made Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion by Sir Keir Starmer? Yes, Naz Shah, the Labour MP who:

  • Was suspended by the Labour Party following tweets she herself conceded were anti-Semitic, including one suggesting Israel should be relocated to the USA with the words "problem solved".
  • Marked the death of Winnie Mandela with a quote celebrating necklacing. 
  • Denounced the MP for Rotherham, Sarah Champion, for writing an article about how "Britain had a problem with Pakistani men targeting vulnerable white girls".
  • Retweeted and 'liked' a post of Twitter that said "Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity".

It's a good thing Dr Harold Shipman isn't still alive or Sir Keir might have made him Minister for Palliative Care.

Wonder if the BBC will take Labour to task over this?


  1. Sir Keir Starmer "tears out the poison" only so he can fill up his hydraulic syringe with it and inject it straight back into the body politic.

    Labour "moderates" such as Starmer are every bit as dangerous as the Far Left and sometimes more so.

    Everywhere we see these PC globalists value lives over health (e.g. the Mayor of Florence encouraging Italians to hug Chinese people, or Pelosi ecnouraging people to patronise Chinatown, after the Covid-19 outbreak began), other cultures over our culture, diversity over competence and the narrative over reality.

    1. Agreed , there is nothing moderate about Blairism which Starmer espouses. Their progressive policies are radical and implemented by stealth.

  2. One minute Starmer is vowing to entice the ‘Jewish community’ back to Labour, next he’s appointing a cabinet that includes a divisive figure with an antisemitic past that she can’t shake off, a shadow foreign secretary who’s also chair of Labour Friends of Palestine and has campaigned for a Palestinian RoR and given Emily Thornberry a shadow foreign office role, despite her (recently) having proudly promised to inflict all sorts of damage to Israel, should she be given half a chance.


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