Monday 6 April 2020

Dubious statistics

I need to revisit a post I added on Friday. (The one about Jeremy Bowen.)

At the time I was more offended by the BBC’s Middle East editor’s gratuitous reference to Gaza within his ‘uplifting-poem’ slot than by the dubious numbers he quoted.  I joked that the BBC might shove a statistic about “Gaza” on the end every news report.

I knew I’d read contradictory reports elsewhere but in haste, I moved on, keen to highlight Jonathan Marcus’s heavily loaded anti-Israel language and Hamas’s malicious and antisemitic utterances.

BBCWatch clarifies the ventilator situation here. As well as providing some ‘different’ statistics relating to the proportion per population of available ventilators in Gaza, BBC Watch mentions comparable ventilator statistics from closer to home, thereby surely more relevant to UK audiences.  

Why does the BBC let their employees get away with things like that? Oh! I think I might have answered my own question.
(Comments could be going better) as they say.

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