Sunday 14 August 2022

Three clicks to murder

A guest post from Arthur T

The Salman Rushdie story prompted a search for parity between the murders of Jo Cox and Sir David Amess - after all we know archiving can prove to be the BBC's Achilles' Heel.

'Jo Cox murder' (1 click to 'murder' - no navigation required)

'David Amess death'

Within the Amess pages is another story with clickbait headline:

Only after clicking the above does the headline appear:
'Sir David Amess murder: Ali Harbi Ali given whole-life sentence'
(3 clicks to 'murder' - navigation required)

This story was buried in the Essex pages. It's only here that the word 'murder' is used. There can't be clearer proof that murder is not reported as murder (in certain cases) when it doesn't suit BBC News.

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