Wednesday 3 April 2013

Attitude Problem

The BBC’s Jerusalem Bureau is woefully understaffed. (It must be the cuts.) Obviously Jeremy Bowen, Jon Donnison, Paul Danahar, Wyre Davis, Yolande Knell and Kevin Connolly couldn’t be expected to know this all by themselves, but it wasn’t Israel that broke the truce. 
Send in reinforcements! (Otherwise people might get the wrong impression)

Don't bother to click on the first link. They've changed it!


  1. The update at Harry's Place has it right.
    The opening paragraphs of that BBC article are likely to confuse most readers into assuming that Israel struck first.
    The most charitable interpretation is that it's a badly-written re-jig of the earlier version.
    Others might suspect that it's deliberately obscure.

    "Palestinian militants in Gaza have fired a missile across the border into Israel for the second time in two days.

    Hours earlier the Israeli military carried out air strikes in Gaza.

    This was the first such strike since a ceasefire ended the short war between Israel and Hamas in November last year."

    1. Something similar happened on Radio 4 this evening.

      Jon Donnison on 'PM' (44m in)

      "And 'adventurous' is one word for the last 24 hours here where we've had an Israeli air-strike and Palestinian rockets being fired in the other direction".

      Again, making it sound as if the Palestinian rockets were a response to the Israeli air-strike.
      Listeners who didn't know better would surely assume that that's how it happened.


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