Thursday 4 April 2013

Educating Girls (Part Two)

Craig: Continuing on from Sue's Educating Girls post...

Rawan Yaghi isn't quite the bookish, apolitical innocent Jon Donnison's article makes her out to be.

She has her own Twitter feed which shows a rather different side to her:



We write for Palestine.     Expect babysitting tweets.
Gaza- Palestine ·

She's also a blogger:
We Resist | Because our children deserve better lives. 6, 2013 – Because our children deserve better lives. (by Rawan Yaghi). 

Rawan Yghi, Palestinian, living in the ghetto of #Gaza, locked by israel. We write for Palestine
Plus she also posts at the left-wing anti-Zionist site Mondoweiss:

So it transpires that bookish, not-quite-as-apolitical-as-we-were-led-to-believe Rawan is fêted by pro-Palestinian activists - whether at Mondoweiss or at Oxford University.

Not quite the story Jon Donnison was telling.

Sue:  Ha! My remark about the poor girl being scooped up by Emily and her friends seems decidedly generous and extremely stupid now. Who'd a thunk it as they say on the interweb. 

As far as I can see Rawan Yaghi's blog is a stream of victimhood tales. Creative writing. I suppose one can't criticise her for wallowing in 'war is horrid', but there's a limit. She hasn't tackled the politics as far as I can see.

Mondoweiss is a different story. Her kind of article is just the ticket for people who are content to exploit the  'war is horrid' theme as an argument against Israel.

The BBC seems to be becoming more biased rather than less.

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  1. But war IS horrid. What's wrong with you?


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